About Us

Health center governing boards are comprised of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to create a fiscally and managerially strong organization for the purpose of improving the health status of their communities. Since the intent is for board members to give substantive input into the health center’s strategic direction and policy, a majority of members of the board must be people who are served by the health center and who, as a group, represent the individuals being served in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender. Since health centers are complex organizations working in dynamic environments, the board should be comprised of members with a broad range of skills and expertise.

Klamath Health Partnership Inc is looking for interested and involved people to join us in our mission to serve the people of Klamath County and surrounding area.

Thank you for entrusting your healthcare to the medical and dental professionals of Klamath Health Partnership. Our commitment to you is that you will receive care that is timely, safe, effective, and affordable.